What's our story?

In short, ANIKO simply exists to help you belong. At the very heart of ANIKO, we believe that there are crucial needs in every community that must be met so that the heroes within that community can do what they do best: make a difference.

As we took a look at our neighborhood, we noticed that Anderson initially lacked the resources to help its businesses belong within their community so we created Aniko Marketing Solutions. If you are a local business, it is our mission to help you belong within your community.

Meet the Team

Anna Anderson

An Upstate South Carolina native, Anna has always been a part of the small business community in some way. From watching her father build homes in the area to working part time at a family-owned clothing store in college, she loves that she gets to continue to help small businesses grow with Aniko. When she’s not pouring over logo designs and color palettes, you can find her traveling to new places, crocheting, or spending time with family and friends.

Branding & Logo Creations

Enneagram: 3             
Wing: 4
Myers Briggs: INTJ - Architect

Matt Shoup

Born in Charlotte and raised in Columbia, Matt considers the Carolinas to be his home. After graduating Anderson University and working at Anderson County, Matt is excited to use his background in Marketing and Data Science at Aniko to help small businesses tell their story. When he’s not creating websites or drawing up campaigns, you can find him at the local coffee shop, hiking with his wife and dog, or exploring new places with his friends and family.

Web Design & Campaigns

Enneagram: 3             
Wing: 2
Myers Briggs: ENFJ - Protagonist

Paige Shuck

Originally from Florida, Paige is a transplant to South Carolina who has fallen in love with the state and especially the Anderson area. Paige graduated from Anderson University with a degree in Business Marketing and is enjoying using her degree to fulfill her long time entrepreneurial goals here at Aniko. When she isn’t working, you can usually find Paige on her family farm, taking care of the animals or helping with the latest farm project.

Social Media & Advertising

Enneagram: 9            
Wing: Changes daily
Myers Briggs: ISFJ - Defender

how can we help you?

Our Services

From logo design to developing detailed brand standards, there’s a lot that goes into your business's unique style. Whether you’re starting a new business or want to touch up your current branding, Aniko  is here to guide you through the branding process and give you the tools to do it correctly.
Web Design
Your website is often the first interaction that customers will have with your business, but designing and maintaining a website can be a daunting task. We create websites that are not only nice to look at but will make your business stand out and leave viewers with a great first impression.
Social Media
In an increasingly digital world, having a strong presence on social media is an essential part of     any     marketing strategy. We help small businesses increase their reach on social media through best practices training, social    campaigns,   and a wide variety of other techniques.
Running a business can be hard especially when you are operating blind. Aniko Marketing Solutions understands the importance of seeing results and tracking data. That is why we provide clients with the ability to track various metrics including geographic website traffic, social media engagement, or campaign results.
Coming up with parts of a campaign to tell your business's story can become overwhelming real quick. That is why Aniko takes time to learn about your company and help you craft campaigns that target specific audiences, using the best advertising mediums,  with clear call to actions, all while letting you track its effectiveness.
Creative Solutions
There is no strategy that works best for every single business. That’s why Aniko Marketing Solutions is proud to offer creative solutions to any marketing problem you may be facing. From email marketing to event branding, we’re not afraid to think outside the box in order to drive more traffic to your business.

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